I am a photographer living in the San Francisco Bay area.  I have been taking photographs for approximately 5 years as a part time interest, typically  capturing images of buildings, machinery and industrial structures that are in a state of neglect, slowly weathering and in various states of decline. 

People are rarely the subject in my photographs,  but their past activities are.  Human structures reflect  dreams, values, resources to build and maintain a need, but when the need fades the effects of time and weather allow textures of neglect to blossom in the sunshine.  I try to record the ghosts of these passing human endeavors, records of past decisions.

I enjoy watching movies and documentaries which prompts me to see photography as a single frame narrative, a journey from the representational to abstract. Contrasting light and shadow, warm and cool colors, textures of rust, patinas, rotting wood and peeling paint reflect a different kind of life. The texture of decay narrates the current neglect of man-made structures that were former hopes and dreams. Human-made structures start shiny and new and follow a continuum to a pile of dust. My images capture a point on that continuum of entropy and bring a different kind of order through composition.

I take joy in sharing these photographs.